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My name is Ian Standish-Leigh and I am a versatile senior business analyst, based in Ashford, but serving all of London and the South East in general. I have over 20 years of experience, providing business solutions based in Ashford, for hospitals and healthcare organisations. I have delivered clinical EPR projects that provide clinicians with an intuitive 

workflow and support care planning capabilities needed beyond the hospital. I have a strong track record of developing business and system process maps and presenting key recommendations to top-level management for facilitating decision-making. I am a strong team leader with a positive “can-do” attitude and act as a mentor to my co-workers.




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 My Areas of Expertise

Stakeholder Engagement

The core of improving any business is finding a way to revitalise and reengage the people that make it work. I can help identify areas where your organisation can do that more effectively, develop plans and put them into action.

Process & Data Mapping

I can help your organisation streamline everything between the point of referral and the point of discharge. I help healthcare companies optimise the patient journey.

Process Redesign

The vast majority of problems within a business or organisation stem from poor internal processing. A second set of eyes can really make all the difference in that regard. As a senior business analyst based in Ashford, I'll review your processes and help find areas in which they can be refined.

Healthcare &  Clinical Systems

As well as experience with more traditional structures and processes within healthcare, I have been involved with the refinement of more modern systems as well, including virtual wards.

Business and Customer Focus

As a senior business analyst, I am able to assist your organisation in better defining and refining their goals, in terms both of profit and of the quality of service you wish to provide.

Communication and Negotiation

Many burgeoning businesses lack the experience required to skillfully negotiate various deals and hiccups in the development and growth of their organisation. I can provide guidance and advice on how to navigate these difficult situations.

Good Interpersonal Soft Skills

As well as knowing when to provide a firm hand, I also pride myself on my ability to relate to people on a personal level. The better we can work together, the more value I can provide to your business.




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