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At KINGSNORTH Business Solutions, our primary mission is to be there for you, wholeheartedly dedicated to assisting your company in every way possible. My ultimate goal is to ensure that your operations run seamlessly by removing those bottle necks. 

I hold the firm belief that effective planning is the bedrock of achieving success. Drawing from over 15 years of valuable experience, crafting meticulously designed processes that not only optimise your IT infrastructure but also catalyse transformative changes in other vital aspects of your business.


 Regardless of whether you operate in the private or public sector, my expertise spans a wide range and is tailored to suit your unique needs. I understand the intricacies of both sectors and can adeptly navigate the challenges they present. My comprehensive approach is designed to ensure that every facet of your organization functions harmoniously, resulting in tangible and measurable outcomes..



Helping to Dismantling Silo Working by Re-Engineering Your Processes. 

I specialise in identifying bottlenecks within your processes, areas where manual tasks can easily be automated, and opportunities for streamlining operations. By analysing your current processes, we can uncover inefficiencies.

To take the first step towards unlocking your business's full potential, reach out to us now at Let's collaborate to fuel your business's growth and pave the way for success.

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Why Kingsnorth 

Our Business analyst meeting with Business owners in Kent and Surrey

Personal Involvement

When you choose us for business improvement, I like to make it a personal experience by working with you and your team on site or remotely  

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Timely Responses

Working with a freelance consultant, the last thing you want is for that person to become a blockage themselves. Your timeline, is my timeline and delivery in a timely manner.

Technology business solution in Medical practice in Surrey

Bespoke Service

Every aspect of my service is designed around and catered to your business. 





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Case Studies and Testimonials

A benchmark for success is to leave every business and organisation I work with in a better, more streamlined and more profitable position than when I arrived. If you'd like some more in-depth examples of how I've been able to assist various businesses, take a look at my Case Studies page for more information.

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I've managed a Diagnostic system implementation project in the NHS, where Ian was the Senior Business Analyst for 10 months, where he performed all process & GAP analyses. Ian worked very closely with the stakeholders, with very good feedback and his engagement was overall great. He produced the BA products in a clear and concise way and was able to give good additional input. I'd work with Ian on my team anytime again.

Nico Latsky - ICE Solution Specialist at Clinisys Solutions Ltd.




Streamlined Systems and Improved Workflow

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