Re-starting an  ORDER COMMS PROJECT 






Reinstating an Order Comms, a vital link to a Radiology / Pathology  joint venture between several NHS Trusts.


What the problem was: 

Staff and reorganisation changes had caused the project to be partly shelved until it became necessary to complete their services link in a wider hub and spoke Pathology services.


Challenges faced:

  • Little or no supporting documentation available to work from.
  • GP services had also undergone a radical change throughout the county with mergers/demerges meaning there was little or not up to date organisational contact information available.
  • No IT audit of PC systems throughout the Trust available to understand what systems could be effectively used for Order Comms within that working area.


What was done:

Established a baseline of documentation/directories and full PC audit of the trust and local GP services around the catchment area. through onsite workshops a requirements document and supporting workflows, established a baseline for all modalities and pathology services to implement a system fit for purpose  and complete the vital link across the county giving a joined up service to provide a better patient experience.  


Adding the last link into Pathology services, meant that the GP had more choice where to send patients and patient could choose somewhere closer to them rather than attend somewhere at great distance.




Redesign, Reorganise, Re-Establish

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