Troubleshoot  EPR  fialure on go-live 






A high-profile Client had undergone a significant change and implementation process for a replacement EPR system.


What the problem was: 

There are a lot of ways for ERP systems to fail. For one, many businesses rush into rolling out new functions without careful consideration of processes and change, this was one of them.

A classic issue was the lack, of experienced staff to manage the change. Being guided by the supplier, they were using a Vanilla clinical process template .


Challenges faced:

The challenge for the client who had little expertise in business (change) and the process had resulted in a general collapse of the EPR system after implementation.

  • Inexperience by staff not understanding Vanilla templates and Localisation.
  • Appointments were all gathered into the wrong slots
  •  Revisiting angry heads of departments to rework all data requirements; rebuild appointment books into a live system. 
  • Re-develop workflows for change / training teams to be able to write meaningful training. 


What was done:

A small, versatile team of product subject matter experts revisited all (32) department and sub-departments, over 4 sites, re-planning, collecting and verifying department information. The supplier agreed to a rebuild of all appointment profiles and a re-population of patient information, testing, and signed off  in one extended day, while prod remained live. Taking on this work, as part of the opportunity was taken to merge and reconfigure departmental processes, decreasing workload and increasing staff wellbeing. Several business benefits emerged during the investigation, while none had been identified before, resulting in significant cost savings across many departments.


A better and more efficient way of working was restored to the client. Also, the supplier took away learned lessons that one size does not fit all when it comes to the way Healthcare works.

A surprising outcome for the client was a discovery of previously undetermined benefits giving huge saving to staff time moral being restored in such a short time. 




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