A well established Ophthalmic organisation had a need to automate its booking system  to remove a paper heavy process


What the problem was: 

The Business wanted to automate appointments  across the whole organisation, removing the reliance on a paper heavy process, replacing it with a automating system required a lot of work with the users and most are self employed, not all taking to their clients data held centrally.  

Challenges faced:

  • Gaining full stakeholder commitment to do a deep dive into personal processes. 
  •  Working to get a workflow process that was suitable for all.
  • Simplifying forms meeting legal criteria for referral.
  • Designing notification system for patients being escorted to the appointment with important "Day of Appointment" information. 
  • Designing follow-up  questionnaire aimed at client retention. 


What was done:

A fresh workflow was designed from the point of referral to the initial (telephone) assessment, and key document was triggered and sent to the client, either electronically or through the post. If the client was having a surgical investigation, the client's nominated driver would also receive instructions. Additional workflow, post-appointment, was designed around questionnaires in the system that could be managed by the administrative staff, without coming back to the supplier.


A  digital pathway to support this booking system workflow was developed. The pathway enables them to provide an accessible appointment with shorter waiting times, and getting an appointment where you wanted to be seen. It also has additional financial benefits in the reduction of missed appointments very noticeable in a short time after go-live.  




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